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We connect Marketing & IT to enable digital products and services to find customers, bind communities and establish technologies to prepare for the future!

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Digital marketing

Whether you are planning to increase your revenues, digital prospects or bind your current customers to more loyalty and interaction you need an overall digital marketing strategy. Not sure how to connect across all channels? We can build you the right digital strategy.

Digital product

  • Applications, platforms
  • Portals, websites, etc.
  • social media and
    digital community strategy

  • B2B
  • Closed shop communities, etc.
  • Support in digital product
    and IT projects

  • Scrum
  • Product Owner, PPO
  • Content & lead

    True engagement success comes through unique and personalised content. Making sure to reach your audience with what matters most to them is key. We can help you to find out how.


  • Videos, pictures, collages
  • Text, formats for various channels, etc.
  • Content

  • Asset management tools
  • Meta-data management
  • Lead generation

  • Sales funnel building, targeting, ad strategy
  • Budget strategy, data collection
  • marketing automation

    Connecting your marketing systems (CMS, CRM, asset management databases, campaign tools, etc.) to one key data journey will determine your real time offers and prospect attention. We will build you marketing technology of the future.


  • Data enablement, data management
  • Data check and quality
  • tool

  • Funnel and sales process optimisation
  • Marketing action automation
  • White label

  • Marketing technologies implementation
  • Adobe, Oracle, Falcon, Hubspot, SAP, IBM
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