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    We are a Digital Experience Hub

    We are DigitalMadness, we enable others to build digital community experiences for their product, technology, service or platform. We have 10+ years of experience in the digital field, helping clients solve problems and consolidate processes so they save time and earned more on ROI.

    We believe that the best product/service will only succeed with a dedicated community in place. Whether it is your customers, retailers, employees or partners. Digital communities help to connect you to your target audience and through engagement you will see your brand and company become an experience base they love to connect with.

    If you want to confidently improve your marketing, then book us now.

Digital consulting

Digital consulting

You are in the beginning of designing or conceptualizing your next product or service? Get us on board to help you streamline what’s necessary for your first MVP, your features, your functions and your community cycles.

Community Building & Management

Community Building & Management

Whether you are planning platforms, technologies, projects, trainings or services – every initiative needs users to test, to validate, to accept and to experience your solutions.

We Can Work Together

Our services:

  • Conceptualizing digital community for your product, campaign, project, technology platform, business model
  • Conceptualizing digital community as a business model
  • Implementing your digital community with the Agil loop Model
  • Operating digital communities and moderating for growth and best experience impact


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