How to bring value to your audience

Written by Julia T. on 2019.08.06

Content marketing is all about targeting customers or prospects with insightful, educational or entertaining information in order to generate leads, nurture customer relationships or promote your brand.

A content marketing strategy needs to begin with a customer journey. A good content marketer needs to know when to use which content and how. The process involves seeing the customer journey, understanding where leads are ready to be converted and creating the right content hook in each phase of the journey. Observing the platforms your customers are using, and how they get there is vital to capturing them at the right moment where the demand is highest. 

Targeting your customer at the perfect time also requires you to have the right content hook. You need to be able to bring value to the customer at whatever stage, demonstrating a good customer experience and positioning yourself as an industry expert. This requires you to plug directly into the interests, needs and challenges that your prospects or customers are facing.

Types of content hooks

There are various types of content hooks that you can use in this strategy, these will vary depending on which social channels you use, and your target audience. Ultimately all of these hooks, should give your customers a reason to convert and head to the buying phase. 

Free resources

Never underestimate the value of giving something for free. This could include a free guide, a printable PDF, or a company branded calendar or strategy. This is the easiest way to get a customer to give their information such as an email address, by giving something they can immediately access.

Social Media Posts

The easiest and most efficient way to reach your audience. Each platform attracts a different demographic, so you need to know your audience and what they want from individual social media platforms. 


Blogs are the foundation of content marketing, and a great way for customers and prospects to access high-quality information for free. Positioning yourselves as industry experts and offer high value information can turn readers into potential buyers.

Playful Inbound Tools/Application

Are you a financial organisation? Or a machine producer? It does not matter, whether you bring value with products or services, insert tools or applications into your channels so your audience can play with it for free. For example: a visualisation tool for your machine and what it is able to execute, a financial tool for investing and how it can boost your assets, a blink into an exclusive community of yours for free consultation, etc. - all of it for free and gamified and therefore easy and playful to use and try.

Content marketing goes beyond just supplying content. It’s about how you use that content, to generate leads and ensuring a good customer journey throughout. For more information on customer journeys and creating a content marketing strategy. Get in touch