No digital product will survive without a digital community

Written by Julia T. on 2019.09.12.

When selling a product or service, a digital community has become the predominant way for people to come together and interact with organisations, teams, products, technologies or interest. In today's digital world you don’t have time to build customers, clients or prospects after you launch or already developed a product. You need to build them before and engage them throughout your company lifetime. 

The lifetime product span of digital products is limited, in this ever-evolving digital world. It lives through the agile concept, in which technology is continuously evolving, developing and being marketed.Being digital requires you to be efficient, agile and fast. If you are not capable of building communities along the way from concept to implementation then your branding, sales and marketing window becomes very short.

In this digital era, it has become increasingly hard to sell services without online interaction. Without a digital footprint, consumers/customers don’t know you or your brand, and therefore won’t be willing to pay for your services. 

But what are some steps that need to be considered before linking your digital products to a digital community? These will vary depending on your product or service. However, here we have highlighted some key steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Build a digital footprint

It’s no secret that business’ need to be ‘digital’ but being online and searchable, doesn’t mean that you are having a positive reach across your target audience.You need to work towards building an effective digital presence. Not sure how to do that? Tasso Graichen of Digital Madness explains here.

2. Find the right digital channels

As a marketer in today’s ever-evolving digital world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the various different channels available. Establishing your business goals and your target audience is key to driving your marketing strategy.It is essential to establish the best channels to showcase your products and services. Think about what platforms do your customers use, and where will they engage with you, have you segmented your target groups, have you engaged with them? 

3. Bring value

You need to consider how often you bring value to your clients and customers. This relates to how often to communicate, entertain and engage with them both in person, and across social channels. A good content marketers needs to know when to use which content hooks, want to know how? Check out this article.

4. Build the community

A digital community is defined as a group of people with shared values and a common interest that connects them together. Building a community is not easy and requires substantial preparation and strategy. Find out what makes a successful digital community.

The above steps are vital in ensuring that you as a brand or organisation are seen, heard and asked for among your target audience. Without this following, it becomes impossible to build a digital community that works as a platform for selling your products and services.

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Stay tuned for the next upcoming blog: How to build your digital community.