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  • The Future of Sales: Social Selling

    Gone are the days of hard selling, cold calling and mass emails. Buyers are changing and adapting every day, and in order to sell, you need to be adapting too. Find out how with our downloadable white paper.

  • How in this world are we going to make money from a community?!

    Whether you are creating a digital community as a business model, or turning an existing one into a revenue model, you have the potential to be profitable. Julia Tanasic, explains how to make money from a digital community.

  • It's time for Sales and Marketing to start sharing

    As ABM usage (Account Based Marketing) rises, there has never been a more essential time to align your sales and marketing teams. We already have the technology and data available to make this happen, the question isn’t whether we should do it, it is HOW WE DO IT. Julia Tanasic explains.

  • You've got the strategy, now its time to make it work

    The Agile Loop Model, enables community builders and operators to start shaping their community and respond quickly to changing framework conditions. Julia Tanasic, shares the next steps in this series: How to build a digital community.

  • How to build a digital community Part 1: Setting the strategy for success right

    A clear and realistic strategy needs to be in place for your digital community to thrive. Julia Tanasic shares exactly what that strategy is.

  • No digital product will survive without a digital community

    In today's digital world you don’t have time to build customers, clients or prospects after you launch or already developed a product. You need to build them before and engage them throughout your company lifetime.

  • How to bring value to your audience

    Content marketing goes beyond supplying content. It’s about how you use that content to generate leads and ensure a good customer journey throughout. Julia Tanasic shares how to bring value through content marketing.

  • Why you need to align your IT and Marketing teams

    The key to successful Martech solutions is a partnership between IT and Marketing departments. Find out from Julia Tanasic how to effectively align your teams.

  • Digital communities: our best practice examples

    Conceptualising, building and managing communities as a business model is a key digital capability of the future. Julia Tanasic shares the best examples of digital communities.

  • What makes a digital community?

    Author and CEO of DigitalMadness GmbH, Julia Tanasic shares her insight into what makes a digital community.

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